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Panda and Olympics

2008, China,Beijing, Bird’s Nest! The whole world focalized on Beijing Olympic Games! People gathered at Beijing for the world carnival! Glorious and brilliant fireworks in night sky above the Bird’s Nest portrayed the blossom of 5000 inheriting Chinese civilization! A unique grand banquet of fireworks flame! A palace portrayed by millions of fireworks! A pageant performance which could be written into Chinese history! Power of China was shown to the world sufficiently! In Beijing Olympic Games, Panda Fireworks distinguished itself after perfect fireworks displays on the opening/closing ceremonies. After that Panda brand got improved and recognition. This experience also made Panda step into the top enterprises level to lead the world fireworks improvement and development. It also proved that Panda Firework could represent the world very top position and standard in aspects of producing, researching, setting fireworks and so on. It introduced China to the world, and made Panda Fireworks integrate with the world. It had significant meaning to Panda!

After Beijing Olympic Games, Panda Fireworks stepped onto a higher stage of self-research and fireworks display. Panda has prepared well to receive future Olympic Games and other international grand activities fireworks displays tasks. It has well equipped to receive more break outs and face greater challenges.