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Panda Fireworks, established in 1989,is one of the largest fireworks producers in China, and was the tender winner of the extravagant fireworks for the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing.  We manufacture, distribute and own all Panda Fireworks brands and also other popular brands in North America as seen below.  In addition, we are a one-stop shop for everything related to fireworks.  This includes services ranging from procurement to working with customers to tailor their own products.

Devoting to Fireworks Industry,Expecting brighter future

Panda Fireworks boast several high-class and professional fireworks and firecrackers production factories as well as large-scale production bases in Liuyang City of Hunan Province and Wanzai City of Jiangxi Province. With more than hundred large and medium-sized fireworks production enterprises at home and abroad, close strategic partnerships have been established, as well as long-term purchasing relationships with more than 300 fireworks production enterprises. The fireworks & firecrackers we have produced and distributed cover a wide range with more than a variety of 300 products for both consuming and professional uses. In order to provide our Chinese and overseas consumers with novel, delicate, more environment-friendly and safer fireworks products, we are committing technological negotiation and close cooperation with some universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to build the first-class research center to create new materials, new arts and crafts and new products of fireworks &firecracker in China, also with quality inspection laboratories.

Global strategy with eyes on global market

With eyes on the global market, Panda Fireworks have a precise understanding of the market needs and have established its own sales company, distribution network and strategic partnerships in some major consuming nations of fireworks in the world (such as UK, Sweden, Denmark, US, Germany and Italy), through a series of highly efficient overseas marketing and acquisition strategies. With its top stature on product quality, Panda Fireworks has been dedicated priority to providing fireworks and services to all consumers and gained the favor of customers at home and abroad. All the brands as "Panda Fireworks", "Panda", "Winda", "Bright Star" and "Liu-Flower" enjoy high market quota and prestigious reputation in the key fireworks consuming markets. Panda Fireworks has already become one of the largest fireworks exporter in China and one of the largest fireworks producers and traders in the world with the Brand "Panda"