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Hunan Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd.
Thursday, March 25, 2010

Established in 2010 in the “Home of China’s Fireworks”-- Liuyang city, Hunan Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panda Fireworks Group Co., Ltd. It is formerly known as Guangzhou Panda Trading Co., Ltd. established in 1989, China’s first private company that exported fireworks.

Hunan Panda is engaged mainly in exporting fireworks and firecrackers for professional use and for consumption. Currently there are over 50 employees. In 21st century, the company’s export has been creating new high repeatedly, with the peak of over one million cases and turned over US $20 million.

As a flagship subsidiary of Panda Fireworks Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Panda keeps pioneering in the export. The products are sold to the US, Great Britain, Germany, Swede, Holland, Norway, Finland, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc, enjoying great popularity and reputation in international fireworks consumption field.

In 1992, the brand WINDA for high-end fireworks was created to specifically aim at the American market. Ever since that, WINDA has been loved by international importers and consumers in Europe and America with stable quality, excellent service, everlasting innovation and great variety. Its share in American market has growth steadily. Holding the idea of becoming 'the most reliable partner', WINDA continues to increase input in research and development and improve its connotations in technology, art, safety and environmental protection. In 2010, WINDA is awarded “International Famous Brand of Hunan Province”.

Hunan Panda also have WIZARD for fireworks for professional use, HANSSONS FIREWORKS and FYRVERKERI MASTARNA for sales exclusively in Sweden and PANDA for sales exclusively in Italy. The development of these brands makes huge contributions to increasing the added value and competitiveness of the fireworks products and setting up a reliable corporate image for the consumers.

Hunan Panda has trained a large number of experienced salesmen and professional quality inspectors and purchasers. In July 2010, the corporation acquired the Quality Safety (QS) certificate issued by Germany’s BAM, indicating that it has reached the advanced level of controlling the quality of the products exported to Europe.

Hunan Panda brought in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 2005, gradually improving its internal automatic management. Meanwhile, the corporation has established stable and reliable commercial partnerships with numerous excellent importers in the international market. Hunan Panda has set up purchasing and sales relations with all the factories of Panda Fireworks Group; besides, it has also formed close strategic partnerships with about a hundred professional fireworks manufacturers in Hunan, Jiangxi and Guangxi provinces. The corporation is capable of quick and comprehensive management of the quality of fireworks produced by these manufacturers. By a series of strict quality control standards, the corporation continues to provide quality fireworks for international consumers.

Being professional, devoted and innovative, Hunan Panda will continue to explore international market.