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Global business introduction
Thursday, March 25, 2010

I、Brief introduction of Panda Fireworks(UK)

Panda Fireworks(UK), one of the most famous fireworks sales, purchase directly series of fireworks products from China each year to meet the different needs of UK consumers. At the same time, all of the fireworks passed rigorous product testing, comply with BS7114 Terms. No doubt, Company could meet the different needs of customers with the most reasonable prices.

Thanks to the sales center and warehouse of great operation, which are located in the Lincolnshire coast company are in the most rapid transport to deliver the most convenient service to anywhere in the UK.

At the same time, company’s effective professional sales team could offer best services to all consumers.

Panda Fireworks (UK)

Address: Binbrook Technical Park,Binbrook, Lincolnshire, UK, LN8 6HF

Tel: 0044 1472 399713

Fax: 0044 1472 399712



II、Hanssons Fireworks(Sweden)

Hanssons Fireworks, established in 1888, is Sweden's oldest fireworks company. As market leader in the fireworks industry in Sweden, Hansen enjoy a high reputation from its customers; and s accounted for a large market share with 25 million kroner in annual sale.

At the beginning of 2002, Hansen fireworks’ new office and storage warehouses have been built, which allows the company to develop their business and service their customers better. Now, Hansen fireworks sales network has covered the major supermarkets and retail outlets in Sweden, and with more than 100 kinds of products to meet different customer needs.

To Focus on the future, Hansen fireworks will maintain service core of ‘customer first’ to provide more high-quality fireworks products for the Swedish market.

Hanssons Fireworks (Sweden)

Address: Hanssons Fyverkeri AB Box 54,471 21 Sk?rhamn SWEDEN

Tel: 0046 3193 9900

Fax: 0046 3046 60335



III、Fyrverkeri Mastarna(Sweden)

Fyrverkeri Mastarna , Founded in 1987 by Sigma. Johansson, is a renowned fireworks company in Swedish. After 15 years growth, the company become Sweden's most famous fireworks company on the market with first-class quality and luxury of fireworks species. Its sales network covers all the famous stores in Sweden and provide comprehensive service to small dinner parties and festive display.

Since beginning of 2004, it started closing cooperation relationship with the biggest fireworks company-Panda Fireworks. Both in new product development, and product procurement, it has been strongly supported by Panda, quickly becoming the leader in Sweden fireworks market. Also, the company has the most well-equipped warehouses and offices, as well as a efficient and experienced sales team to provide customers with better service.

Fyrverkeri Mastarna (Sweden)

Address:Fyrverkerimastarna Ingemar Johansson AB Box 54 S-471 21 Skarhamn, SWEDEN

Tel:0046 304 66 8060

Fax:0046 304 66 0335



IV、Fyrvmrco A/S(Denmark)

Fyrvmrco A/S, Founded in 1987 by Tim. Situojiade. It was small at beginning but got its market share with innovation and aggressiveness.

Tim. Situojiade is good at seizing opportunity, under his leading,   Fyrvmrco A/S became bigger and bigger in scale.

In the mid-90s,  Fyrvmrco A/S occupied a large market share with to extremely rapid development, and one of the most important reason is that it has strong market adaptability and resilience.

very early it already had its own independent sales and marketing department, and could meet any customer requirements. Today, it designed all its products to meet the European "trend" better.

Fyrvmrco A/S

Fredensvej 12

5620 Glamsbjerg

Tel.: 6472 2174

Fax: 6472 2297


V、Bright Star Fireworks Ltd. (Denmark)

Address: Ostle Boulevard 29, 8900 Randers

Tel: 0045 7218 5551

Fax: 0045 7218 5552



VI、Italy and Spain

With the headquarters in Milan, U.BORGONOVO is the oldest fireworks company in the European Continent. Through years of development, it has become the largest fireworks distributor in Italy, accounting for nearly 60% of the Italian market. Additionally, U.BORGONOVO has a subsidiary in Spain, selling its fireworks to most parts of the south and east of Europe.

Address:Località Cascina Draga Strada Inzago per Groppello d’Adda I-20065 Inzago(MI) Italy


Fax:0039 0295 47751