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Mission & Strategy
  • Devoted
  • We are devoted to the past, present and future of fireworks industry;
  • We are devoted to the research and technological innovation of the industry;
  • We are devoted to the leading and pioneering role in the industry.
  • Professional
  • Being professional keeps us on creating advantages and value;
  • Being professional enables us to lead the industry;
  • Be professional is our competitive edge. The more professional we are; the better performance we will provide.
  • Pragmatic
  • We maintain pragmatic attitude towards work, seek truths from facts, and develop on the idea of “credit comes first”.
  • We work in a down-to-earth way and develop steadily in research, manufacture, operation and all other services.
  • Innovative
  • With enthusiasm and belief in innovation, we dig our potential and increase value with everlasting breakthrough and self-surpass.
  • Innovation marks productivity.