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10 Million a Group, Superior Beijing Olympics Scale
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Date 1-5-2010, Count: 713

‘Some brilliant pictures were not caught by or not displayed vividly on TV camera,’ the supervisor of last night firework display task from Panda-Dancing company said regretfully. But he expressed that it was very successful according to the whole display effects, and the gigantic word ’EXPO’ firework has made a Guinness World Record, which could be submitted for the record in the near future.

How is the firework scale?

More than 100,000 fireworks, Superior the Beijing Olympics Scale

18 o’clock yesterday, citizens waiting for the firework display gathered outside the World Expo Museum. Some moved out their own chairs, and occupied advantage positions to catch the glorious fireworks.

Xueye Road, Hongshan Road, Shangnan Road, Yaohua Road and other regions to east of Pudong Park, as long as provided proper angle, could all get the sight of the firework in World Expo Museum.

As reported by volunteers from Lupu Bridge volunteer service station, Lupu Bridge had been blocked completely to avoid tourists watch fireworks display along Huangpu river. No.1 Entry zone of the World Expo is recommended.

At half past 21:00, firework display started formally. Water was dancing, wind, butterflies and hearts were all dancing. Last night, sound, light, river surface, fireworks, fountains together with huge LED screen, the most excited performing moment of World Expo Opening Ceremony started at the bank of Huangpu river, covering Lupu bridge and the middle area of Nanpu bridge, 3.6 miles long, above 400 meters wide.

It was said that this was the biggest firework performance in history of Shanghai. Above 300 kinds of 100,000 fireworks covered river, land and sky of Shanghai, superior the 80,000 fireworks on Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, no matter on quality or variety aspects.

How to transport the fireworks?

500 tons fireworks carried by above 20 blast crisis cars

‘This time the fireworks display task was handled by Panda-Dancing Fireworks together with another fireworks company from Jiangxi, and the first one took 60% of the task.’ People in charge said. The total fireworks weigh about 5 million tons carried by more than 20 blast crisis cars. All 300 tons fireworks brought by Panda-Dancing were produced in Liuyang,Hunan province. Cleaned the way by police cars, all fireworks were transported into Shanghai on 27th, Apr.

As introduced, former Dancing fireworks together with Panda fireworks was responsible of firework display tasks of celebration of the 60th anniversary national day, Beijing Olympic Games. It also got the fireworks supply and display authority on opening/closing ceremony of Beijing paralympic Games, Shanghai APEC summit, world ‘Fortune’ forum, USA PGI meeting, Chongqing Asian-Pacific Majors summit, Shanghai 6 countries cooperating organizations summit and international large scale activities.

Days before, Panda purchased Dancing with 62,660,000 RMB, taking 51% shares of it then signed formally with Shanghai world expo bureau on fireworks display staff.

Which kind is the most special one?

Firework word ‘EXPO’ may apply the world record

Main display areas are included with the oriental pearl tower, 3.28 miles from Lupu bridge to Nanpu bridge on banks of Huangpu river, river surface and some residential building tops.

‘footprint’ crossed the axis of Beijing city on Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, making many world records in fireworks history, 3 Guinness records on the 60th anniversary of national day, 3 Guinness records in net screen fireworks. Compared with this, where is the surprise on Shanghai world expo? Some medias predicted heart shape fireworks would appear. But last night besides that, there were peony and willows. What’s the most surprised is the big word ‘EXPO’ and hand in hand shape of fireworks.

‘The ‘EXPO’ firework is the magic miracle large fireworks with special effects, first time shown to the public, I was very excited when it appeared above the Hungpu river first.’ Said the person in charge.

They considered to apply for Guinness record for this special firework.

Which one is the most satisfied? The people in charge said: do you see the hand in hand fireworks?

I’m more satisfied with that one.’

In which aspects lying the innovation

40% fireworks are low carbon and no pollution to Huangpu River.

Hidden inside fireworks, 1200 searchlights changed their colors as required.

People in charge said they first set new products this time with little smoke, no debris, no smell and other environmental friendly features, taking 40% of the whole quantity. And it’s the third revolution time in firework history. The firework fall flowing down the Lupu bridge is one of those.

‘People do not need to worry about pollution to Huangpu river with this low carbon firework.’ He said.

When mentioned the theory and structure of those fireworks, he said secretly, ‘it’s business secret.’

How to control the display process

Accuracy within 10 millisecond

How many technical staff? What’s the theory of launching equipment? How to make the perfect connection?

People in charge said there were more than 1500 technical staff, separated at boats, bridges, and long the banks of Huangpu river. He said, ‘all equipments are specific professional and we invested massive manpower, physical resources and financial resources. Programs should be input into computer to control the time accuracy within 10 millisecond. It’s airless and self launch.’

Which one is the most expensive?

Fireworks on Oriental Pearl Tower cost 10 millions

At 21:55, fireworks performance went into the high tide. Fireworks on boats, bridges, Puxi set at the same time. As landmark of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower body also bloomed glorious fireworks.

Introduced by people in charge ‘fireworks on oriental pearl tower implied the high-tide, cost of 10 million RMB.’

It was said that ‘Panda-Dancing’ had already got the firework setting authority on Guangzhou Asian Sports Games, now is applying the authority of London Olympic Games positively, and get much progress.

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