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Being the world’s leading and largest fireworks company, Panda Fireworks enjoys an internationally renowned reputation of producing firework displays for events when the “eyes of the world” are on them, including Beijing Olympic &Paralympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, P.R.China’s 60th Anniversary Celebration National Day. and Macau SAR’ s Return 10th Anniversary and so on. Owning factories allows for efficient and cost-effective products customization and thus makes possible realization of the most avant-garde and special effects.

Since Panda Fireworks’ first professional pyrotechnic display in 1987, Panda Fireworks’innovative designers, experienced pyrotechnicians, state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technologies as well as high quality products have secured the success of 10,000 fireworks shows for audience of different cultures.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympic &Paralympic Games, Panda Fireworks presented the world unprecedented artistic fireworks shows that were safe, green and high-tech and thus created a legend in the pyrotechnic history. These dazzling shows showcased Panda’s leading position in the industry.

Kongfu Panda

Innovative design

Excellent track record of large-scale productions

End-to-end pyrotechnic display solutions

High-tech and environmentally-friendly fireworks products

State-of-the-art equipment

Cutting-edge technology

  • Jackson Zhao
    President of Panda Fireworks
    Senior Pyrotechnic Artist
    Deputy Director, National Technical Committee on Fireworks
    Standing Director, China Association of Work Safety
  • Joe Xiao
    Technology Director
    Senior Pyrotechnic Artist
    Senior Pyrotechnician
  • Huang Gang
    Artistic Director
    Pyrotechnic Advisor, Guangdong Public Security Deparment
    Pyrotechnic Artist
    Senior Pyrotechnician
  • Patrick Xu
    Display Director
    Senior Pyrotechnic Artist
    Senior Pyrotechnician
  • Rebecca Song
    Marketing Director
  • MengXuegeng
    Creative Director
    ICAD (International Commercial Art Designer)
    Senior Designer
    Pyrotechnic Artist
  • Leo Liu
    Chief Choreographer
    Pyrotechnic Artist
    Senior Pyrotechnician
  • Pan Jiabin
    Chief Engineer