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  • 2010
    Fireworks Show on the Opening Ceremony of the 16th Asia Gamey
  • 2010
    Fireworks Show on the Opening Ceremony of World Expo 2010 Shanghai
  • 2009
    Fireworks Show for Macau SAR 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2009
    Fireworks Show for the 60th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China
  • 2009
    Fireworks Show for the Opening Ceremony of 11th National Games of PRC
  • 2008
    Exclusive Fireworks Displayer at the Bird’s Nest Stadium for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of Beijing
    Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • 2008
    50th Anniversary of Ningxia Muslim Autonomous Region
  • 2008
    Largest Fireworks Show over Sea for 1st Yuedong Overseas Chinese Expo
  • 2008
    2-Year Countdown to Asian Game
  • 2008
    Opening Ceremony of Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Fair
  • 2007
    Fireworks Show at 11th China International Fair for Investment and Trade
  • 2007
    Fireworks Shows on Olympic 1 year Countdown, Tiananmen Square
  • 2007
    Fireworks Shows on Opening Ceremony of 8th Liuyang International Fireworks Fair
  • 2007
    Opening Ceremony of 8th National Traditional Games for Ethnic Minoritie
  • 2006
    Best Art Performance Award, Rome Pyromusical Competition, Italy
  • 2006
    Largest Fireworks Show in History, Hangzhou International Pyrotechnics Fai
  • 2006
    on the 100th Celebration of China Import and Export Fair
  • 2005
    Fireworks Show on the Opening Ceremony of 1st Asian University Athletics Championship
  • 2004
    Fireworks Show on Guangzhou's Successful Bid to Host Asian Games Celebration
  • 2003
    Fireworks Display on Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference
  • 2002
    Champion, Stockholm International Pyromusical Competition, Sweden
  • 2001
    Best Performance Awards, Tarragona International Pyrotechnics Fair, Spain
  • 2000
    Fireworks Shows, Celebration of New Year’s Day in Sichuan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • 1999
    Pyromusicals to Celebrate the 50th National Day in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan
  • 1998
    Fireworks Show at the Opening Ceremony of China Table Tennis Tournament
  • 1997
    Best Fireworks Show Award, Celebration of Hong Kong Return to China
  • 1997
    Fireworks Show, Celebration of Festival of Lanterns, China Central TV
  • 1996
    Best Feature Awards, American Fireworks Competition, USA
  • 1996
    Fireworks Soiree on 1st China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
  • 1994
    Fireworks Show on 45th National Day Celebration, Shanghai
  • 1999-2000
    Fireworks Shows on Guangzhou Chinese New Year Celebration
  • 2000-2010
    Movie Special Effects Shows for Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise
  • 1996-2006
    Fireworks Shows at Shenzhen “Window of the World” Park
  • 2000-2006
    Fireworks Shows at Shenzhen “Happy Valley” Park