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Display Production

Panda Fireworks uses PyroDigital firing system which is renowned in the Firework Industry as the most reliable and advanced system available.

Panda Fireworks has never stopped investing on display technology. Some spectacular fireworks effects presented in Beijing Olympics, such as Olympic rings,rainbows, countdown numbers, footprints, announce a new breakthrough in pyrotechnic technologies: Compressed Air Launching.Propelled by compressed air rather than conventional gunpowder, fireworks can be shot immediately, precisely and most importantly, with little smoke and residue. This is evolutionary technological breakthrough at pyrotechnic history.

Equipped with the latest and most reliable technologies, Panda Fireworks has successfully undertaken more than 10,000 high-end fireworks shows. For example, 4,500 meters long fireworks fired synchronously, 2,000 sets of fireworks to make up a blooming peony over the Bird’s Nest, the fireworks lightening requiring 1/100 second timing precision.